Carports and Garages – Top 10 Things You Should Know Before Buying

by | Jun 15, 2018 | Carports, Garages

When it comes to metal carports and steel garages, most consumers just aren’t that knowledgeable when they purchase these products. There is actually good reason for that. One would assume that the manufacturers, resellers, and authorized dealers of steel carports, enclosed garages, and steel buildings would have most of the information readily available to the customer, informing them of the requirements for installing those products and what configurations and options are available but that simply isn’t the case. We cannot explain why there is a lack of information available for these products but we can help you with common questions and with common problems when buying these products.

Having worked in the industry for almost sixteen years, we’ve come across most of the common questions, issues, and problems and we’ve prepared a Top 10 List of things to know, along with the reasons why you should know these things. We will publish one item each week and we hope this helps you in making the best informed decision possible when you decide to purchase your steel carport, metal garage, rv carport, boat carport, steel barn, workshop, etc.

Here are Top 10 Things You Should Know before Buying a Steel or Metal Carport or Steel Garage

  • Know your need and know what you are buying
  • Know from whom you are buying
  • Know if you can have the carport or garage on your property
  • Know if your installation site is level
  • Know your responsibilities in regard to utility lines and underground objects
  • Know what is required when you place your order
  • Know what to expect after you place your order
  • Know what to expect when the building is to be installed
  • Know what to expect after the building is installed
  • Know the policies regarding damage due to wind and snow

Know Your Need and Know What You Are Buying

Most manufacturers sell their metal carports and garages through authorized dealers that have retail locations. Most of those dealers are selling other products and do not always focus on selling ‘just buildings’. For that reason, not all authorized dealers have excellent product knowledge. At Bargain Barns USA, our focus is our customers and ‘just buildings’.  Through our many years of experience with this product and with customers, we will share with you what we, our company and our customers, have learned together.

What is your need?

The first thing you should you should ask yourself is, “What is my need?” Do I simply need a metal carport to park a car, two cars, RV, boat or do I need a fully enclosed garage to store antique cars or do I need a large steel garage to be used as a workshop? Any reputable company or dealer should ask you the function or use of the building that you plan to purchase. Below are a few examples of what we’ve experienced over the years and how we make every effort to assist and the customer to make the best possible buying decision.

Why we help

A couple of years ago, a gentleman came to our retail location and pointed to our most basic regular carport and said, “I want that carport right there.”  I told the gentleman that we could get one exactly like that unit out there to him. The carport that he had selected was an 18′ wide x 21′ long x 5′ side height, regular carport. I then asked the gentleman what he would be storing under the carport. He explained that he wanted to park his extended cab work truck and his wife’s SUV in the carport. I asked him what the vehicles were and he pointed out to his work truck that was in the parking lot and he said his wife owned an Expedition.

He hadn’t walked around the carport that he had chosen and the only thing he was saw price and he liked it. I explained that he really needed to consider a wider and longer carport since 21′ would just barely cover their vehicles and a 5′ side height certainly wasn’t tall enough.  It was my obligation to tell the customer the unit that he had chosen simply wouldn’t meet his needs. If he got the two large vehicles in the carport, he would likely have a difficult time getting out of the vehicles because they would be so close together. Even more concerning, if he could get out he would likely be beating up the vehicles with their own doors… for the next 20 years or so!

We, as a company ask our customers why they need their building so that we can explain all the features that might interest them. Just imagine if we had not asked the right questions and the customer had a carport that was way to small to meet his needs. The unit would have been almost worthless and the customer would not have been happy with a brand new product!

Getting your Value

Sometime back, we had a customer come in to purchase a garage from us. She had just purchased a home not too far from our company and she wanted a garage do store her car, lawn mower, and for storage. She told us that she had purchased a 20′ wide x 26′ long x 9′ side height garage from another company and it worked just fine. This customer already knew the size that she wanted.  Since we didn’t know the roof style that she had purchased, I informed her that we had three roof style options and I explained the features and the benefits of each roof style. I advised her that our vertical roof garage was the best and I also explained that it would take the water, snow, trash off to the sides of the building as compared to the boxed eave garage or the regular garage that has the roof panels turned horizontally.

At that very moment, a light bulb went off with the customer. She said that she had no idea that a vertical roof was an option on the garage. The company that she purchased from some years ago never took the time to tell her that was an option. She also said that twice each year, she hired someone to remove the leaves and trash from the garage because it just looked bad and she knew it would help the roof panels last much longer. I agreed with her. The acid from the leaves and the additional moisture being held on the unit would indeed shorten the life of the panels. I also explained that while we do offer those horizontal roof styles, we always recommend the vertical roof for the life of the panels and it’s just much easier to keep clean.

Let us help you

Our point here is that any metal carport or steel garage company can sell you a unit. At Bargain Barns USA, we would like to sell you your next carport or garage but if we don’t, we hope that you either know exactly what you need and know each feature or we hope you find a company that will take the time to ask questions and to explain the product to you. Rest assured, we always will!