Do Carports Increase Your Homes Value?

Jun 15, 2018 | Carports

One of the questions we hear most often is whether installing a metal carport will increase a home’s value. And while it’s impossible to answer that question definitively across the board, in general, a carport adds value to a home in several ways.
How can adding a metal carport increase a home’s value? Take a look at the following benefits carports convey:

  • Added Protection – The most obvious benefit of a carport is protection for your cars from the elements. A home with no garage or shelter for cars is often perceived as less valuable, and doubly so in regions where damaging weather like ice and hail are common. A carport offers cars and trucks protection from hail, snow, rain, and falling debris like tree limbs. It is a great way to help keep your vehicles safe, but has a smaller footprint and lower cost than a full-sized garage.
  • Variety – Metal carports come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, so can easily find one that matches the look and feel of your home. Creating a unified look for your property helps increase the value beyond a standard “one-size-fits-all” solution. 
  • Lower Costs – One of the added benefits of carports is lower cost versus a full garage or home addition. A carport can cost as little as 50% of an equivalent garage, or even less in some markets. This makes it more likely you’ll be able to recoup your investment when selling your home.

Before you rush off and install that new metal carport, though, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, consider your surroundings and market. If you’re thinking of installing a carport, you should see how other homes in your area handle the same need. Some suburban homes mostly feature attached carports rather than stand-alone units, for instance. You’ll have the best chance of raising your home’s value if your carport blends in with its surroundings rather than standing out.

Also, make sure you’re purchasing a high-quality carport. Most metal carports are prefabricated or use prefab parts. However, quality varies widely between manufacturers and product lines. Visually inspect a model or example unit before buying and make sure it meets your quality standards. Don’t be cheap – you’re looking for a durable, permanent addition to your home or property. But remember that more expensive isn’t necessarily better. Try to achieve a balance between quality and price.

Finally, make sure your home or property is ready for your carport. If you want your carport to last, the best thing you can do is to prepare the site where you will install it. Many customers choose to lay concrete pads in the area where their carport will be for increased durability and usability. Others will level the area and fill it with gravel. However you choose to do it, make sure the finished product is clean and reflects well on your property as a whole. That way you’ll get the most return on your investment when it comes time to sell, and you’ll ensure that it handles many years of service in the meantime.

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