Four of Our Favorite Steel Building Accessories

Jun 15, 2018 | Steel Buildings

The versatility of steel buildings is one of their best qualities. There are hundreds of customizable features allowing you to change your steel storage building to your liking. Here are some of our favorite ways to customize and accessorize a metal barn or shed – feel free to use this post as inspiration in your own steel building!

Gutters and Trim

Gutters and trim are a simple way to make your metal building more functional and attractive. They help give a simple roof line a more finished and home-like appearance, and also protect the ground around your steel building from erosion. Plus, channeling water away from the base of your steel building helps prevent rust and water damage, which will ensure that your shed has a long and useful life. And because they’re so simple to add, gutters and trim make an excellent first improvement to your metal building.

Windows and Skylights

Adding a window to your metal building might seem complex, but it’s really a very simple process. Steel buildings are easy to modify, so adding a window is a great way to open up the space and add natural light without running electrical power to the shed. There are several different kinds of windows available for metal buildings, including louvered windows, sliding glass panes, and fixed windows. Another option is a translucent plastic skylight, which adds natural light through the roof instead of the walls. Try this if your metal building is frequently in the shade, or if you want to put up shelving that would block a window.


The inside of a steel building offers even more versatility than the outside. There are plenty of ways to maximize storage inside a steel building. Shelves are an ever-popular option, as are hooks and racks on the walls. Another way to add more storage to your metal building is to install a lofted ceiling, which allows you to store larger or bulkier items out of sight and save the floor and walls for a workspace.


Depending on how you want to use your steel building, you might want either a roll-up, a barn style, or a walk-through door, or possibly a combination of these options. Each option offers its own advantages – roll-up doors are great for garage applications, but take up more room in the ceiling space of the shed. Barn-style doors are great for open areas, but not so good in tight quarters. And simple walk-through doors are perfect if you’re using your building as a workshop or office, but not so great if you’re dealing with larger items. Fortunately you can easily customize your metal building with the best doors to suit your needs.

These are only a few of the many ways you can add on to a metal building to make it your own. For more information on steel buildings and how you can customize them, contact one of our representatives at Bargain Barns USA today. You can also follow us on Facebook for steel building updates and special deals!

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