How Big Should My Steel Shed Be?

Jun 15, 2018 | Garages, Steel Shed

Spring is the perfect time to declutter your yard or expand your workspace with a new outdoor shed. However, since sheds aren’t something you buy often, it’s important to get one that will last you for a long time. Choosing the right size and dimensions for your shed is vital – otherwise you could end up with a building that doesn’t meet your needs for long. If you want to make sure you get the right size shed for your home, keep reading.

Determining What Size Shed You Need

If you’re browsing sheds or garages online or looking at pictures, it can be tough to estimate how much space you actually need in your shed and how much room different models will give you. However, there are a few ways to get a better idea of how much space you need beforehand.

Consider What You’ll Use It For

One of the first things you’ll have to do when choosing a shed size is deciding what you’ll use the shed for. The size of a storage shed, for instance, only depends on the things you’ll store inside it. However, a shed used as a workshop, office space, or garage will also need extra room so you can move around comfortably.

Also, keep in mind that storage sheds and tool sheds can be taller and narrower to maximize space while minimizing footprint. If you have a lot of things to store but not much room, this can be a great way to use your available space efficiently.

Do a “Test Fit”

While considering purpose is important, sometimes the only way to see how much space you need is to see it in person. The best way to do this is to gather everything you want to put in your shed in one place and measure how big it all is.

For storage sheds, this can be as simple as putting all your stuff together in your garage, driveway, or yard and measuring approximately how much space it takes up. If you do this, however, remember to stack items to simulate taking advantage of shelving or vertical storage options.

For workspaces, test fitting can be more difficult. If you have any of the furniture or items you’ll place in the shed handy, you can lay them out in a way that is comfortable and then measure the perimeter to get an idea of how much space you’ll want. Remember to give yourself adequate room to move around, too.

Consider Your Limits

Along with considering how much you have to store or put inside the shed, you’ll also need to think about where the shed itself will go. It’s just as easy to go too big as too small, but getting a shed that’s too big for your yard can be inconvenient or even dangerous.

A good way to estimate your shed’s maximum dimensions can be to lay out its footprint ahead of time in your yard. Use a measuring tape or – preferably – posts and string to measure out your shed and see how much space you can devote to it. This is a good way to test different dimensions and see how much space you’re comfortable using in your yard. Also, if you’re placing your shed near trees or close to your house, make sure to measure vertical distances so you don’t hit anything down the line.

Tips for Choosing the Right Size

Estimate Bigger than You Need Now

Along with making sure you have room to store all your things now, it’s also a good idea to get a shed big enough to store more items in the future as well. People tend to accumulate things over time, and it’s very possible some of your items could make their way to your shed in the future. Give yourself adequate storage space so you can put more things in the shed down the line.

Similarly, if you’re building an office or workspace, ensure you give yourself enough room to be comfortable and enough room to expand if you have to. It’s hard to estimate what kind of projects you’ll be doing in your shed several years down the line, but if you can get a rough estimate it can help you choose the right shed for your needs.

Don’t Forget the Doors

If you’re planning to move large items like lawn equipment, tool chests, or furniture into your shed, you also need to consider the doors to your shed. Small doors, or doors that are placed incorrectly, can prevent you from using your shed the way you want.

When choosing your shed and the site it will occupy, make sure the doors are placed in an accessible location and where they can open completely without hitting any other objects. You should also make sure the shed’s doors give you enough clearance to fit large objects inside (unless you don’t plan on placing anything big in the shed). If space is limited you can also choose from different door styles to make opening the shed easier and more convenient.

Add Vertical Storage

Along with your shed’s footprint, you can also maximize its storage capacity by using vertical storage solutions. Shelving units, lofted storage bays, and hanging hooks can be great ways to store tools and oversized items without clogging up the whole shed.

If you plan on storing lots of things in your shed or if you need to move around inside it regularly, vertical storage options are a must. Consider a shed with built-in storage solutions or build your own after you get your shed.

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