How to Maintain Your New Metal Building

Jun 15, 2018 | Metal Buildings

Beyond this simple inspection and cleaning schedule, metal buildings basically take care of themselves. If you want to learn more about choosing and taking care of a steel garage, barn, or other outdoor building, contact us today at Bargain Barns USA. Or, you can follow us on Facebook to get the latest news and special offers!

Another recommended policy to follow with a metal shed or building is to wash it once a year. If you have a smaller building, you can simply mix some household cleaner with water in a bucket and use a scrub brush to clean the panels. If you have a larger or taller building, you may want to use a pressure washer – just make sure to turn the power down! Your goal is to remove dirt and buildup that can trap moisture or damage the finish; you don’t want to strip the metal. Also, if you find mildew or fungus on your building, you can mix a small amount of bleach into your cleaner to take care of it.

Additionally, you’ll want to look at the overall condition of the metal and make any repairs that you can. If any fasteners or rivets are missing, you can either refasten the panels yourself or call a professional to take care of the job. Either way, performing repairs in a timely manner will greatly extend the life of your shed or barn.

During these inspections you’ll want to keep an eye out for damage caused by water or any cracks or bends in the metal or paint. Precipitation and water exposure is the biggest danger to a steel building, since even the treated steel used in metal barns and sheds can rust if left unattended. Rust usually starts at the edges of panels or in places where water can pool, such as the base of the panels or any seams. Make sure to look closely at these areas when performing your inspection.

Metal buildings are generally very easy to take care of, but problems can still occur. To make sure your building is strong and sound, you’ll want to establish a routine of inspecting it at least a few times a year. If you live in an area that’s particularly humid or close to the ocean, more frequent inspections – say, every three months – are a good idea.

The best thing about owning a metal building is that it’s reliable and easy to take care of. Steel buildings need much less maintenance than outdoor structures made of other materials, like wood or vinyl, but they are just as strong and versatile. However, if you own a metal building or you’re thinking of buying one, you should be aware of how to maintain it in order to take advantage of its full lifespan and capability.

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