Steel Building Roof Styles – What the Difference?

Jun 15, 2018 | Carports, Metal Buildings

When you’re looking for a new carport or steel building, you have lots of choices to make. One important choice for any steel building or carport is the type of roof you build it with. The roof is the first line of defence against weather, debris, and exposure. However, different roof styles offer different levels of performance and durability. To get the most out of your steel structure, you’ll need to consider what kind of roof you want and what advantages it offers.

Different Roof Styles for Steel Structures

Standard Roof

The standard roof style for carports and many steel buildings is a horizontal-panel “wrap around” roof. This is the simplest and easiest-to-construct roof style for carports and sheds, and it is also very economical. Because the roof meets the frame at a bend, these carports are very quick to build and require less labor. They also don’t have side trim on the eaves or hat channels at the top, so they are less expensive to build and easier to maintain.

Boxed Eave A-Frame

Boxed eave roofs built in an A-frame configuration are very popular for sheds, carports, garages and barns. These roofs are an excellent balance between price and performance and are a great choice for many owners. Unlike standard curved roofs, a boxed eave roof has trim on all sides of the roof and full A-frame construction for added strength. Boxed eave roofs also feature more house-like roof lines which makes them good for placing next to your home.

Vertical A-Frame

Vertical A-frame roofs look similar to standard boxed eave roofs, but with the addition of vertically-oriented roof panels. These vertical roof panels offer several advantages over the horizontal panels, the biggest of which is the orientation of the roof itself. Because the ridges in the roof run vertically instead of horizontally, they channel water and debris down off the roof instead of allowing it to sit on top of the roof. This makes vertical roof panels more durable and long-lived than horizontal roof panels.

Vertical roof panels also feature extra structural steel channels and ridge caps on the top for added durability. While they are more expensive than horizontal roofs, vertical roofs for carports and garages are definitely the best investment from a durability and lifespan perspective.

How to Choose

If you’re not sure what kind of roof is right for your steel building, there are a few things you can do to help you decide.

First, consider what is most important to you in a steel structure. If price is your biggest consideration, you should consider the standard curved roof for your building. If you are most concerned with the appearance of your building, you should consider one of the boxed eave roof styles. Buyers most concerned with durability and strength should look at a vertical roof.

It’s also important to think about details such as the placement of your building, its orientation, and how you will use it. For instance, if you are going to place your building close to your home, you will probably want to choose a boxed eave so that the roof lines match more evenly. Similarly, if you plan to use your carport or garage for long-term storage, a vertical or boxed eave roof is a better investment. However, if you only need occasional shelter for a vehicle, a standard roof might be more reasonable.

In the end, the choice of what roof to get for your metal building is up to you. Regardless of which one you choose, you can be sure you’re getting a strong and long-lived building that will keep your vehicles and belongings safe. To learn more, call Bargain Barns USA at 405-872-0338 or follow our Facebook page for more updates and tips.

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