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We build affordable, long-lasting boat carports, covers, and shelters. Before you waste money on a short term solution like a vinyl cover for you boat or watercraft, consider investing just a little more to own your own steel boat shelter. Our units can be constructed on land, dock, or slips to protect your boat from sun, rain, and show. We carports, covers, and shelters for bass boats, fishing boats, pontoon boats, bass boats, ski boats, and other types of boats.

Uses for Boat Carports, Boat Covers, and Boat Shelters

We can design products specifically for all types of boats with all kinds of features. As show in the slide show below, we can build large boat storage shetlers complete with utility storage buildings attached to the unit to store our boating equipment. We have constructed fully enclosed boat storage buildings for one, two, or three boats. We can configure entries on the end or sides of the carports and enclosed buildings.

Features and Options for RV Shelters and RV Covers

All of our shelters and enclosed boat storage buildings start off as a metal or steel boat carport. You can add a number of features to our products such as gable ends, side panels, and even storage buildings on the end of the unit. Many customers choose a boat canopy but we can also install a fully enclosed boat garages with garage doors and personnel doors. The enclosed boat storage buildings offer the greatest protection.

Why Buy Boat Carports from Bargain Barns USA?

Customers tell us that they buy from us is because we have the best quality, service, and best prices and they want to protect their investment! Whether your investment is for a single boat shelter, canopy for multiple boats, jet skis, or an enclosed boat garage, our products offer long-term protection from the weather and the sun. We have 13 colors from which to choose which will certainly compliment your home or property’s curb appeal as well as add value to your property all while providing the best in protection for your boat or other watercraft.

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