The Tiny House Movement is increasingly popular for their sustainability and affordability, as well as the lifestyle options it presents. Those seeking more engagement with the environment and fostering a more fulfilling lifestyle are turning to tiny homes as a strategy to reach their goals.

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Choosing the Right Tiny Home

The key tiny home considerations are construction type, materials, style, and portability. Wood is the traditional go-to material, but is it the best choice for a tiny home? All things being equal, your steel tiny home will be between 30-60% lighter than a wood-frame version. Weight can be a significant factor when relocating a tiny home and is an essential detail in the design process.

The Steel Advantage

Lighter than wood, steel is also stronger and more durable, more structurally sound, fire resistant, pest resistant, mold resistant, will not rot or warp, and contains substantial recycled material. Steel is the most recycled material on earth. In the end, your steel tiny home will continue that legacy.

The tensile strength of steel (a material’s ability to resist breakage under tension) measures 700 compared to 40 for wood, making it approximately 18 times stronger while being substantially lighter. The metal screws and bolts in your steel tiny house are more secure than nails, which can loosen over time and with movement.

There are many other significant advantages to choosing a pre-engineered steel building for your tiny home, such as:

  • Durability – While steel’s strength is legendary, galvanizing and welding specific components can increase a structure’s strength and longevity.
  • Eco-Friendly – Your steel structure contains significant recycled materials and is easy to recycle.
  • Fire Resistant – Unlike wood, steel is non-combustible.
  • Pest Resistant – Pests will feast on wood. However, steel is not on the menu.
  • Convenient – Since all the components of your pre-engineered steel tiny home arrive cut to size and ready to assemble, no piles of sawdust, scrap lumber, or costly mistakes made translating blueprints.
  • Aesthetics – steel presents a blank canvas you can fabricate in virtually any form or style. It accepts almost every finish coating and is easy to alter and maintain.

How Much Does A Steel Tiny House Cost?

In 2022, the average cost for a tiny home was approximately $45,000. The average per-square-foot price for a tiny house is $300, roughly double that of a traditional home. Your specific choices of amenities and finishes can affect the square-foot cost of your tiny home.

Designing Your Tiny Home

Seeing your vision become a reality and creating your ideal dwelling for the lifestyle you seek can be a dream come true. Bargain Barns has several models we can easily modify as you like, with options for windows, doors, and other conveniences. Our professional team can help you evaluate your options to make your best choices.

In addition, our design team can create floor plans and 3D renderings to help you visualize your dream home. Your pre-engineered steel tiny house from Bargain Barns will be a high-quality dwelling with the looks to match.

Building Your Tiny Home

You could build your tiny home with a traditional wood frame, cutting lumber to size with all the mess and waste, but the time and labor necessary for this process is quite extensive.

A Bargain Barns pre-engineered unit eliminates much of the work and nearly all the waste necessary for wood-frame construction. Virtually all that activity happens in our facility. Each component is precision cut for a perfect fit and easy assembly. You supply the foundation, assemble your new home’s parts, and apply the finishing touches that make it yours. We’ll recycle all construction waste; you’ll never see it.

Income Potential

Offering your unique tiny home through services like Airbnb or VRBO is a great way to share your creativity and lifestyle while putting a little cash in your pocket.

This strategy can be incredibly profitable depending on the community and exact location. Whether a place on the beach, a sanctuary in the forest, or a base camp for backcountry recreation, the potential is impressive.


The popularity of tiny homes is undeniable. The motivations are personal and wide-ranging, with sustainability and lifestyle being primary. Along with saving money, tiny homes offer a unique opportunity to engage with your world.

Tiny homes also allow their occupants to relocate quickly and experience different regions and environments. Steel tiny homes are far superior to wood-frame models in these situations because of their strength, construction, and significant weight advantages.

If a tiny house is in your future, Bargain Barns offers several units we can easily fashion to your vision, with our Cabin models being our most popular designs for tiny homes. Contact us today at (405) 872-0338 to learn more and begin planning your perfect Pre-Engineered Steel Tiny Home and live the lifestyle of your dreams.