Single carports are recommended between 12 and 18 ft wide.This gives you the width to park comfortably and open both doors without a much concern for damage to your car. The extra width could be used for storage or can be helpful in keeping heavy wind-blown rain off your vehicles.

Double carports are considered between 20 ft. wide and 24 ft. wide. The wider you go the more comfortable you will be in parking two cars. Car sizes depend on the make and model of your car, so to be accurate you should measure your car to make sure you have the space you need. You could also consider a side entry carport if you need more width, going longer is cheaper than going wider (per sf).

For 3 car carports, we recommend going 26 to 30 ft wide. The width directly impacts the ease with which park and maneuver your vehicles. A 26 ft. wide carport is possible to park 3 vehicles, but a 30 ft. wide makes it much more comfortable. Also consider doing a side entry carport which is 20 ft. wide and 30 ft. long.

With the RV carports we recommend going taller than what you currently need, because this may not be the last RV that you own and if you get a bigger RV you still want to be able to fit it into your RV cover. Also the style of roof may effect what you decide for your leg height, as the Regular Style roof gives you more immediate height on your side walls. Feel free to contact us for more information and a custom quote.

Utility Carports are the structures which have a enclosed garage portion attached to the end of a carport. That enclosed section can be in increments of 5 ft. Feel free to give us a call for a free estimate or for more information.

Side Entry Carports can be a better solution in matching roof style. We would be happy to give you a free quote on any side entry garage, let us know how we can help.

We have several variations of whatever you may need for a boat cover. You can get a utility to store your boat out of the sun but in the open air, or you can get a fully enclosed garage, or a simple carport. Feel free to call us to talk about your options and get a free quote.

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