Choosing Your Dream Barn Loft
Are you dreaming of a life in the country with a beautiful and comfortable barn loft as your home base? If you are having trouble finding that perfect place to call your own, maybe you should consider building a barn loft on a lovely piece of land that offers the exact vistas you want to make your home everything you have always dreamed of. The best part of this is that it’s completely doable! Keep reading to find out how to build your dream home without breaking the bank.

The Charm of Barn Structures Made Practical

Refinishing old buildings such as barns is an adventure for many who are enthusiastic about restoration and who want to capture the look and feel of days past. As rewarding as these projects can be, starting with a new building might be more appealing to many. When starting from scratch, there are fewer surprises when budgeting and the look of older buildings can very easily be achieved with creative design and repurposed items, such as weathered structural beams and reclaimed barn wood and fixtures.


By starting fresh, you can build your barn home any way you want, from the classic gambrel roof and red painted exterior of the American barns of yesteryear to a minimalistic metal barn for those with a love of rugged and bare modern-industrial design. In fact, you can make your barn home anything that suits your style.

Borrowing Décor From History, with Modern Comforts: “Barndominiums” and More

While choosing what kind of style you want your own dream barn loft to be, you might want to look for inspiration from historical barns, as well as from any design elements that you enjoy and want to incorporate into the look and feel of your home. Pore over images of exteriors and interiors that appeal to you to get a good grasp of exactly the look you are going for before making any big design decisions. 

A loft feel is generally associated with high ceilings, and the addition of big windows will bring in loads of natural light. Keeping this in mind will help make sure that your barn loft has an open and airy look and feel. 

There is no shortage of barn-style home plans to look through, so do your research, and have fun finding all of the surprising extras that you can add to your own loft. Combining traditional or rustic elements with all of the modern comforts your life requires has never been easier to achieve. 

Budget-Friendly Tricks for Dazzling Barn Lofts

Many people have tackled the job of making their home out of refurbishing antique barns, as well as building their barn-inspired homes from scratch. Here are a few tips for those who enjoy the look of barn décor in their own homes:

  • Don’t be afraid to get creative. Many successful designers find their rustic design elements from buildings that have been torn down. Repurposed barn wood is a popular material to look for, so keep your eyes peeled for weathered items from old homes, like doors, antique beams, and other hardware items that will lend an antique look. 
  • Some designers have found that giving a weathered look to new wood has helped them give interiors an antique appearance. To artificially weather new wood, brew some very strong black tea and paint the bare wood with it. Allow it to dry, then paint the stained wood with vinegar in which you have allowed steel wool to soak for an hour or two. This faux finish creates a unique silver-gray weathered effect. (Tip: the longer you soak the steel wool, the darker the stain will be) 
  • Exposed beams are one easy way to give your interiors a barn-like feel. Finding reclaimed beams will make your interiors extra rustic. 

Most importantly, have fun with your barn loft! Put in lots of elements of your life, including all of the things you enjoy or collect. Creating a living space that borrows from the roomy, warm atmosphere of a barn can result in some of the most stylish and comfortable spaces to spend your time in. If you have any questions at all then contact us online or call us at 405-872-0338 and one of our team members would be happy to help!