Customize Your New Carport at Bargain Barns

Jun 15, 2018 | Carports

Metal carports and buildings have many advantages over other types of car shelter, including better durability, less construction time, and lower costs. However, one of the best things about steel carports is their potential for customization. With the huge range of options we offer on our metal carports and buildings, you can get exactly the product you want at an affordable price.

Customization of your new carport starts when you choose the size and style you want. We have a wide variety of different carport styles to choose from in virtually any size. If you want a carport to shelter a single car, motorcycle, or lawn tractor, we can make carports as small as eight feet wide. If you’re a rancher or farm owner and need a shelter for your tractors and equipment, we’ve produced single-opening carports as large as 30 feet wide.

We also have several different roof styles available on all of our metal carports. This is mostly an aesthetic choice – some people like the look of a traditional peaked or gabled roof, while others may appreciate the arched roof that flows seamlessly into the walls. The choice is yours.

Once you’ve decided on the size and style of carport you want, it’s time to customize it with the exact options you prefer. At Bargain Barns, our carports can be customized with a huge range of add-ons including partial or full side and end walls, garage and walk-through doors, gabled ends, and even utility buildings. This makes our carports perfect for much more than cars. You can use them to store boats and seasonal vehicles, RVs, lawn equipment, tools, or you can even use them as shelters for picnics and outdoor activities.

If you’re looking for a custom steel carport or shelter to protect your car, truck, RV, boat, or anything else that needs protection, look no farther than Bargain Barns. We can build your carport exactly to order, and it’s guaranteed to be strong, beautiful, and low-maintenance. Contact us today to get a free quote on the metal building and options of your choice, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get news, updates, and special offers!

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