Triple Carports | Triple-Wide Carports

We designate our 26-wide to 30-wide carports as triple or triple-wide models. Like our double carports, these units are offered in incremental steps of two feet in width. We stock inventory of 26′, 28′, 30′ in the triple-wide carports. We can manufacture any width in between to meet your specific need. 26′ wide carports are fine for three small vehicles, 28′ wide carports are good for two medium vehicles, 30′ wide carports are good for three large vehicles such SUVs and large trucks.

Uses for Triple Carports and 3-Car Carports

There are a variety of applications for our steel triple carports. As illustrated in the slide show below, our customers use them for hay storage shed or feed storage shed. In the second slide, 30-wide carports are perfect for farm equipment storage. Other customers have purchased units to be used as three-car carports. Call us today and we’ll help you chose the perfect triple carport for your application..

Features and Options for Triple Carports and 3-Car Carports

As with all of our products, all of our units start off as a metal carport or steel carport. You can add a number of features to our products such as gable ends, side panels, ends, walk-in doors, eave side entries, and garage doors. In our triple carport gallery, we show a triple-wide steel shed with a vertical roof, vertical gables, and vertical side panels. As displayed in the photo gallery, all of our 26′ wide to 30′ wide units have a truss system for maximum strength. All of our 30-wide carports are certified by a professional engineer to meet the wind and snow load requirements in your area. Many competitors do not offer this certification and in most cases, because of our volume, our certified triple carports are the same price as the competitor’s non-certified 30-wide carports.

Why Buy Triple Carports from Bargain Barns USA?

Customers buy our triple carports to provide protection for their cars, trucks, RVs, SUVs, and boats from the elements. As mentioned, many farmers use them for feed storage, hay storage, or farm equipment storage. The units can also be used as picnic canopies and they provide an affordable, long-lasting steel canopy that is installed quickly, as compared to stick-built shelters. We have 13 colors from which to choose.

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