What Are Mobile Home Anchors?

Jun 15, 2018 | Portable Buildings

Mobile Home Anchors are used to anchor the base-rail of your metal carport, steel garage, barn, or workshop. This is the preferred method when buildings are installed on the ground. Our mobile home anchors are 30″ long and have two helical disks near the bottom of the anchor.

How it is installed

The subcontractor uses an anchor machine to auger the mobile home anchors into the ground (see photo below).

How it is Attached

Once the anchor is in the ground, a bolt is placed through the side of the base-rail. The bolt goes through the eye of the anchor, a washer and a nut are placed on the end. The bolt is tightened until it is securely attached to the base-rail.

How to get Mobile Home Anchors

Mobile home anchors are used on all certified ground installations and can be purchased for use on non-certified ground installations.

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