The Advantages of Freestanding Steel Carports

Jun 15, 2018 | Carports

In the world of carports, there are two popular styles that most buyers choose between. There are “lean-to” carports, which generally look like one large, sloping roof. They are held up by supports built onto the side of a house and cannot stand on their own. Then, there are “freestanding” or “standalone” carports. These look like small buildings that stand away from other structures.

Both lean-to and freestanding carports have their uses and advantages. But we believe for most buyers freestanding steel carports are a more versatile, cost-effective option. Here are a few reasons why:

Freestanding Carports are Less Expensive

For many buyers, the biggest factor in their decision to build a carport instead of a garage is price. In that vein, freestanding carports are often more cost-effective than their lean-to cousins. Almost all lean-to carports generally must be custom-built and installed.

In contrast, contractors can fabricate freestanding carports ahead of time and install them quickly. This allows them to be made and sold at a lower price point than lean-to carports. Yet, they are just as effective and long-lived. In other words, a standalone carport will offer the same performance and protection for a lower price. You can view all of our freestanding carport prices online and easily see how much more value you get from ours.

It’s Easier to Repair and Replace Freestanding Carports

Lean-to carports are custom-built and attached directly to your home. That means repairs and replacement often involve as much work as the original installation.

The same is not true for a freestanding carport. Most freestanding carports are designed to be modular and easy to repair. The parts are all standardized and can be changed out quickly. Any repairs ever needed will take little time and involve less cost and less waste.

Freestanding Carports are Better for Large and Seasonal Vehicles

A lean-to carport must, by necessity, blend in with the look of your house. That means they can only be so tall and so wide before they look comical or out of place. Also, anything under your carport is also right next to your house. If you have a boat, RV, or ATV, it might be in the way when you aren’t using it.

In contrast, a freestanding carport can be built as tall and as wide as you need it. This makes them ideal for storing RVs, boats, ATVs, and other vehicles that might not fit under a lean-to. Plus, you can build freestanding carports away from your home. This lets you keep your seasonal vehicles out back or out of the way while still protecting them.

Freestanding Carports are Simpler to Install

Like we mentioned above, a lean-to carport is generally built as an addition to your home. Depending on your goals and your house, that can make them complex structures. You’ll need a skilled contractor with special tools to attach the carport to your house. They will also need to measure the slope, work around roof lines and edges, and weld custom steel cuts together.

In contrast, almost any capable do-it-yourself-er can build a freestanding carport. You might need some help from a few friends or family members to get the structure standing, but there’s no reason to think you can’t handle your own construction in most cases.

It’s Easier to Get a Permit for a Freestanding Carport

Permits depend on your township’s rules and regulations. Many times building a lean-to carport requires getting a permit for an addition to your home. These permits are often expensive. They can also require an inspector to come out to your property to make sure the work is to code.

In contrast, freestanding carports usually don’t need anything but a simple outbuilding permit. They don’t need to follow home building codes and rarely need inspections. This makes them easier and quicker to construct.

Freestanding Carports Don’t Damage Your Home

One of the biggest advantages of lean-to carports is the fact they attach directly to your house. But this can also be a big disadvantage if your carport isn’t installed correctly. A lean-to carport can damage your house if it collapses or needs repairs. It can also cause leaks in your walls and give pests access to your home’s interior.

In contrast, a freestanding carport cannot cause damage to your home. Since they don’t attach to your house, they don’t cause leaks or let pests in. And it’s also easy for new owners to take down or replace the carport if you ever sell your house.

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